Author: Binde-P2021

  • Why do I care about First Time Van Conversions?

    I care about first-time van conversions because there are so many things that many people do not know before they decide to convert a van. There are so many little steps to consider beyond just the build of your van. As a first-time van converter, you need to ask yourself a lot of hard questions. […]

  • Choosing your Van

    At this part in your journey, you have decided that van life is for you. Now the first thing you need to do is figure out what van is right for you! This part of the process can feel overwhelming when you do not know a lot about cars or what exactly you are looking […]

  • Questions to ask yourself before you start your van conversion

    Before you decide to start converting your van, you need to ask yourself some questions. Think of these questions as an exercise. I encourage you to read through these questions and write down your answers. Once you finish answering all the questions, look at your answers and take some time to reflect on what you […]